Head of Owais Al-Qarni Waqf hands over the Waqf shield to Turkey’s ambassador to Yemen

Mr. Salah Batis, the head of Owais Al-Qarni Waqf, handed the Waqf Shield to His Excellency Dr. Farouk Bozkuz, the Turkish Ambassador to # Yemen, to thank him and Turkey’s leadership and people for their contribution to the success of the Waqf initiative based on inviting every Yemeni and lover of Yemen to contribute to creating the largest participatory waqf in the history of Yemen. This occurred during the visit of the head of Waqf in his office in Riyadh. They discussed the ways of cooperation and partnership in this context. This visit comes within the strategic plan for the Waqf towards openness, partnership and
communication with all Yemenis and Yemen lovers around the world.
It is worth mentioning that the value of the waqf share in Owais Al-Qarni Waqf is 100 dollars and the shareholder can get one or more for himself, his parents or others. It is a participatory waqf initiative for every Yemeni and lover of Yemen and its proceeds can be spent on the programs and paths of the civilizational advancement in Yemen.

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