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Owis Qarni Foundation

The best participatory endowment initiative  is to build the new Yemen.

  • To build our Waqf (Foundation)
  • To contribute to the sustainable development
  • To achieve prosperity for Yemen

• Openness to all Yemenis and Yemen lovers.
• The shareholder is a partner in the Waqf, entitled to obtain a trust contribution document and periodic reports.
• The Waqf (Foundation) is an endowment financial institution that invests funds and assets in open investment portfolios
• To maintain the sustainability of the Foundation and its development.
• Building effective partnerships with all concerned institutions and structures

The initiative,  Ambition,  Partnership,  Transparency, Institutionalization, Sustainability

Our strategic objectives

  • Establishing the foundation with the contribution of all Yemenis and Yemen lovers around the world and developing its resources as financial foundation institution.
  • Strengthening the patriotic spirit among Yemenis as partners in creating the largest Waqf (Foundation) in the history of Yemen.
  • Consolidating the national identity and achieving sustainable development in Yemen.

Endowment Projects


Housing project of Waqf (S.LIFE)

Investment capital required

Farm in Kerklarli city

Investment capital required

Endowment Portfolio (Open)

Investment capital required

Blessed Tree Project

Investment capital required

Development Projects

Aimed at re-shaping public opinion and national identity and awareness raising of the culture of renaissance and coexistence.

Develop the performance of governmental and civil institutions and update their plans, strategies and Executive Programs.

Contributing to the rehabilitation of the leaders of governmental and civil institutions, and the optimization of their performance.

Sponsoring talents and creative students and prepare them as future leaders.

Important Programs


Peacemakers Program


Community Livelihood Program


Capacity building Program for the Third Sector


( Public Sector Leaders’ Development Program (Makeen


(Yemen Pioneers Program (Kafaat