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About us

Owis Qarni Turkish Foundation for Yemen

The Oawis al-Qarni Turkish Foundation for Yemen (OQTT Yemen) is a unique initiative participatory for all Yemenis and Yemen lovers to build our Waqf (Foundation), with the participation of all, so that it will be the biggest Trust in the history of Yemen to benefit the sustainable development in Yemen.

Strategic Objectives

  • Establishing the foundation with the contribution of all Yemenis and Yemen lovers around the world and developing its resources as financial foundation institution.
  •  Strengthening the patriotic spirit among Yemenis as partners in creating the largest Waqf (Foundation) in the history of Yemen.
  •  Consolidating the national identity and achieving sustainable development in Yemen.

Our values

The initiative ..  Ambition..  Partnership  .. Transparency..  Institutionalization ..Sustainability

Our purpose

-To build our Waqf (Foundation)

-To contribute to the sustainable development

-To achieve prosperity for Yemen

Our vision

The best participatory endowment initiative  is to build the new Yemen.

Our approach

– Openness to all Yemenis, receiving their contributions, ideas and funds, so that each Yemeni, and Yemen lovers can contribute in the development of the foundation, with a share in the foundation, or more than one share, gifted for his parents or the people he loves.

– The shareholder is a partner in the Waqf (Foundation) for developing Yemen. He is entitled to obtain a trust contribution document and periodic reports. In addition, he has the right to express opinions and proposals for the development of the Waqf (Foundation).

– The Waqf (Foundation) is an endowment financial institution that invests funds and assets in open investment portfolios in accordance with economic feasibility studies for various investment projects with high profitability under the supervision of the Investment Committee of the Foundation, which is composed  of businessmen, elites and reliable economists.

– To maintain the sustainability of the Foundation and its development in accordance with the Turkish Trust Law by spending (70%) of the Trust revenues on programs that achieve its objectives, and (30%) for  increasing the capital of the foundation to keep it from depreciation and ensure its sustainability.

– Building effective partnerships with all concerned institutions and structures involved to contribute to the development of the Foundation work, funding its projects, development programs and cooperation to implement them.

Word from Chairman

Yemen and the Yemenis have long been admired by all nations. This country has a rich history and an important geographic location in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula. It overlooks Bab al-Mandab Strait, which is an important strategic location for all countries in addition to the country’s natural resources and varied climate.

Yemeni people are considered the most important wealth and active factor in the process of development, this is due to the qualities that characterize them as tolerance, patience and adapting to the volatile life conditions, during the emigration of Yemenis to many countries of the world throughout history, the people of various nations have recognized them with hospitality, coexistence and tolerance and ability to integrate into the host culture, in addition to discipline and respect the laws of the country to which they emigrate.

The money of Yemenis who have migrated to various countries of the world can be considered enormous wealth, where they have become major investors in the Gulf, East Africa, Southeast Asia, America and Europe, and some of them have become decision makers in those countries.

This legacy, civilization and history of Yemen is a great motivation for people to realize comprehensive development, prosperity, stability and unlimited growth, so we chose to take the initiative in these difficult circumstances, there is no doubt that hope will be born from the heart of pain and the sun will shine after the dark night.

Accordingly, we have taken this participatory initiative and the ambitious idea of establishing the Owis Qarni Turkish Foundation for Yemen (OQTT Yemen).

Ladies and Gentlemen… There is no doubt that the future of our country will be prosperous, Yemenis all over the world are achieving great successes every day; some of them are scientists, inventors and those who excel in the fields of science, art, sports and creativity, these will be the main supporters of the vision and objectives of Owis Foundation to build the new Yemen. It is time to restore the national identity that unites us, promoting a culture of peace, coexistence and solidarity as well as to reject hatred and intolerance of all kinds, and to be as one body.

Let us read the past deeply and analyze the current events precisely and look forward to future with optimism and hope, let’s get rid of despair, utilize every opportunity, overcome challenges and work to develop a comprehensive approach to achieve development in Yemen.

We must improve the capabilities of the Yemeni people and develop their public and civic organizations, and learn from the successful experiences in the world.

I would like to request all Yemenis and fans of Yemen; irrespective to their sects, inclinations and affiliations to support this initiative of Owis Foundation, as the starting point for a participatory process that will achieve progress for Yemen.


Mr. Salah Batis

The Chairman of Owis Foundation

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