Hosted by the Turkish Scholarship Authority

Hosted by the Turkish Scholarship Authority

Mr. Salah Batis, the Fiduciary of Owis Qarni Foundation, met with the head of the Turkish Grants Authority Mohammad Kousa in the Turkish capital Ankara to discuss ways of cooperation between the Foundation and the Authority regarding the education and support of Yemeni youth.

Salah Al-Qaidi, Executive Director of the Foundation, and Zayed Al-Muleiki, Director of Programs, presented several projects, including the Pioneers of Yemen project (Kafaat),

Which aims to qualify 1000 Yemeni youth from various disciplines in the bachelor and postgraduate stages to form the national calibers bool that contribute to building the future of the country.

The visit comes as part of strategy to build effective partnerships with Turkish institutions in the private and public sectors.

It is worth mentioning that YTB offers scholarships in Turkey to students from different countries in the world, especially Arab and Islamic countries, where the student receives financial support, health insurance, accommodation, in addition to the opportunity to study at the best Turkish universities.

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