Two Years … Great Achievements

Two Years … Great Achievements

After two years of its foundation, Owais Al-Qarni Waqf has issued a detailed report covering the past two years (2018-2019) entitled “Two Years … Great Achievements”.

According to the report that was launched with a direct broadcast by Mr. Salah Batis, the head of Waqf, and then followed by its publication in the form of infographics, the most prominent achievements during the past two years are as follows:

  1. 4825 waqf shares
  2. 219 visits received at the Waqf headquarters
  3. 82 visits paid by the Waqf to several external agencies
  4. 44 panel discussions
  5. 8 workshops
  6. 13 agreements on partnership and cooperation
  7. 3 Waqf agreements on the ratios of corporate profits
  8. 2 Waqf agreements on the ratios of corporate assets
  9. 4 waqf apartments (Waqf’s assets)
  10. 2 farms (Waqf’s assets)
  11. 9.163.026 accesses to the Waqf’s posts on the social media
  12. reactions on the Waqf’s posts on the social media

It is worth noting that Owais Al-Qarni Waqf is a participatory initiative for establishing the largest Waqf in the history of Yemen with the contribution of all of us so that the Waqf’s funds and assets can be invested in various fields of investment in all countries. This can ensure its sustainability and the development of its resources. Therefore, its proceeds can be spent on the programs and paths of the civilizational advancement in Yemen.

The Waqf aims to:

  • establish a waqf with the contribution of all Yemenis and Yemeni lovers around the world and develop its resources as an investing and financial waqf institution.
  • Strengthen the national spirit among Yemenis as partners in establishing the largest waqf in the history of Yemen with the contributions of all of them.
  • Establish the unified national identity and achieve the sustainable development and the civilizational advancement of Yemen.
  • Provide an opportunity for those who do not have a waqf to do this for themselves, their parents or their beloved ones.

Together to Build Yemen

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